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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to wash your IPhone. Yep, you read it right...

Start with a crazy day!  Ad a rush to get a load of laundry washing.   Then about 20 minutes in a 30 minute cycle, wonder where in the world your phone is. 
I did all the above.  I had also heard a thud going on in the washer as well, but dismissed it to a zipper on a sweat jacket.  I get a bit crazy when I can't find my phone, so I ask my husband to dial my number.  

I think I hear it, but not quite sure where yet...he calls a second time and my ears perked up.  Mad dash to the washer. Noooo, surely's spinning.   Oh my gosh get this thing stopped. My phone is in there. Sure enough. There it is.  

I pull it out and look it over pretty good.  My Lifeproof case has just saved my life.  Yep, it got washed. You know the case I am talking about.  It is waterproof.  Thank God!!!!

Of course I shared my dingbat moment with my Facebook friends.  I text Diana and she ask if Siri had a headache.  Cracked me up.  Poor Siri. I bet she was dizzy.  

Good gosh, when am I going to learn to check my pockets?  I have washed my Fitbit way too many times and now I have washed my iPhone. I think I need to slow down just a bit.  Maybe this multi tasking is getting to me.  :)

Glad there was a happy ending to my latest dingbat moment.  I can always blame in on the Full know the one...Super Moon!!!!