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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tornado's & Broken Hips 5-3-13

Wow, amazing how just a few minutes can change the lives and the homescapes of a state.  We in Oklahoma are really getting hit hard with mother nature this year.  Wasn't bad enough that she destroys Moore again, but 5 days later she takes another route and messes with El Reno, Yukon, and Oklahoma City.  They have officially said that the tornado was an EF5 and it was  2.6 miles and reported to be the largest in the United States history.  Geez mother nature....Simmer down!!! 

As we ride out the tornado that was about 7 miles from our home, my mother and step- dad were taking refuge in their next door neighbors storm shelter.  As mother has told the story several times today, with 7 dogs, one cat and 8 people.

The reason she has told this story several times is she is in the hospital.  Seems she did a little tumble in the storm shelter and then had to sit on a little chair for 2 hours as the storms moved through their area. She wasn't able to get out of the shelter without help, and when she got to the top, she and my wonderful step-dad walked back to their house.  She said she didn't know if she was going to make it.  OK, so then she calls me and I make sure they are OK...well, yes, but she my husband and I take off to their house.  Getting to their home that is only about 7 miles from our house was a nightmare.  The river is rising and the main roads into Yukon are closed.  We actually make it through one of the roads before they close it down.  We get there and she insist she will be fine, and there is no need to go to the hospital.  Have to agree at this point, and the hospitals are very busy right now.  We actually have 20 people die from all this horrible weather which includes the flood waters. 

Fast forward to Sunday.  We have been trapped on the north side of Yukon, because the river has come out of its banks, and the 2 main roads that lead into Yukon are closed due to water.  We have had over 10" of rain, and there is so much flooding in so many areas.  We can't go west, because just down the road is where the tornado hit on Rt. 66. We will have to take another indirect route to get there if the water doesn't go down pretty quickly. 

We finally see the water has receded around 3pm, and go to mothers.  We get her to agree to go to the ER and have an xray and find out what is wrong, if anything. She is in quite a bit of pain, but handled the ride there very well. 

After the xray the attending Emergency room Dr. comes in and says that mother has a broken hip.  Shock is all I can say!!!  They inform us that she is going to be admitted.  Ask if we have an orthopedic Dr.  NO!!!  Guess we do now!  This is all happening around 8pm, and we are all starving.  Mother is in pain, and we are waiting for her to get a room.

She is finally in a room by about 9pm.  She has had some morphine and she isn't hungry any longer.  What an evening!!   I decide to go ahead and stay with her, I drive my step-dad home, and run and pick up some stuff at my house.  Back at the hospital by about 10:15.  Time to rest...well, you know that just doesn't happen in a hospital.  My head is about to split.

The nurse at the ER said the Dr. usually makes his rounds around 7am...We are up and waiting....and waiting....and waiting.....till a little after 9.  So much for 7am.  He is a very nice, and explains mother has a little more difficult break, in that it really isn't something that he feels needs to be operated on at this time.  We had a sigh of relief...NO SURGERY!!!!!  You have to admit that sounds pretty good, since she is 84 yrs. young, and even though she is in good health, surgery is so hard on the elderly. They says she has a impacted femoral neck fracture on the left hip. 

So, we have a plan.  She is going to have Home Health Care and we can probably go home today.  Great!!!  At this time of the day, she is doing great.  Not having any pain or anything.  The physical therapist comes in and works with her a bit and she passes with flying colors.  Wonderful news. 

It's now almost 4pm, and mother is complaining that she is hurting, and hurting bad.  She hasn't had any pain meds, and the nurse comes in and gives her morphine.  After an hour, she is still in pain, and my step-dad has gone and gotten her pain meds filled during this time.  The nurse says for her to go ahead and take one.  She does...Not thinking that she hasn't eaten anything since lunch.  Glad the pain meds kicked in, and the ride home was painless.  But, remember the empty stomach.  Well, she is really not feeling well.  Sick to her stomach...I feel so sorry for her.  She is out of it.  Was able to get her back to her bed and we leave it with my step dad and her for the night.

I called and checked on her about 8pm, and she said she was feeling sooooo much better.  Heck yes, it is time for more pain meds.  But she is going to eat something before she takes them.

If you are reading this blog, please take a minute and say a little prayer for my awesome mom.  She is going to need all she can get.  She is a tough gal, and I am sure she can pull out of this, but it is going to be a slow process.

As I write this, we are in for more bad weather.  They aren't calling for really bad like they said last week, but still not good...We are going to have chances of tornadoes...Mother nature really needs to take a chill pill...She is just way to hormonal this year.  LOL

Thanks for all your prayers in advance.  Appreciate it very much  :)