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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lone Star Rally 2013 (Day 5)

Is that Doreen back there??!!)

Waking up to a little cooler weather this morning than what we had while on the island.  The crisp air makes me decide to put on most of the warm clothes I brought.  The sun is shining so that is a plus for us.  Our route today is to continue down the back roads, and eventually get to Hwy. 81 and ride it the rest of the way.  We went off Daylight Savings time last night.  Fall back you know!

It was really enjoyable riding the roads towards Decatur, TX.  Chris had noticed his tires on his trailer were almost bald, and this was a concern as we make our way to Catfish O'Harley's Restaurant.  I for one was really cold by the time we got there.  The food warmed us up.  As we sat and ate, Chris and Diana said they saw a Tractor Supply back in town, and thought they needed to go and see about getting tires for their trailer.  We finish our food and bundle up and go towards the store they had seen earlier.

Bikers invade Tractor Supply.  You think a person doesn't get a lot of looks, when you walk in with your bike garb on!!!!  This is a country town, and probably just used to seeing cowboys....LOL

Believe it or not, they actually had tires for their trailer.  They purchase them and Chris starts taking the old tires off.  The new ones are already mounted on rims, so it worked out great.  I really don't think we were even there for 30 minutes, and the trailer was ready to go again.  Good thing their trailer wasn't packed very much, as they threw the old tires and rims in it and we took off.

The new tires brought a sense of security back to all of us.  Sure didn't  want to have a flat or heaven forbid one blow out.  Better to be safe!

Our final stop of the trip was in Duncan.  It was time for Chris to check the lugs on the trailer, and time to warm up again.  The sun we had earlier has now become a grey sky.  The fried pie place was calling me, so I suggested we stop there.  We get to enjoy a nice warm fried pie.

Time to say our goodbyes as Doreen & Allen will leave us at Chickasha.  It is so nice to have such a wonderful trip and know that we all make it home safely.  This one goes down in the books as a great ride with great friends.  Mileage: 1476 wonderful miles