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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 6)

Day 6 Tuesday

Lynn had spoken about this little restaurant that a friend had told her about called Cheyenne Crossings.
We had tried to figure out where it was at, but none of us could figure it out

Supposed to be in the town of Lead, and we are heading that way this morning.
Our plans are to find a place to eat breakfast and then head to Wyoming, to Devils Tower.
As we make our way through Lead, I am scouting for a place for us to eat.
We are totally out of town, and about the time I was going to tell Chuck, we might be eating at at a
gas station, Diana comes on our headsets.
She says, we just passed that restaurant.
I had seen a place, but didn't catch the name of it.
Exactly what would a morning be without a U-turn???
Yep, we did.
We make our way back to Cheyenne Crossing Restaurant.
It is out in the middle of no where!!!!
That really isn't true, as it is at the junction that you turn to go to Spearfish Canyon.
Who knew!!!!!
Breakfast was really good.  
A very cute and quaint little place.  

Fueled (with food) and ready to get down the road, we ride the sweeping curves and make it to the Wyoming State Line.
Lynn gets her picture and we are on the road again.

As we make our way to Devils Tower, there is a line to get into the park.  
It has warmed up quite nicely, to the point of being HOT!
It was nice to stop and get off the bike, and remove the helmets and find shade.

We have some really ambitious people in our group.

So ambitious, they walked around the tower.  
Then we had some slackers (me included) that sat and waited for them to come back around.
I just had to use my "find a friend" and see where they were at, and this is the picture I saw....LOL

The 1.5 mile hike just wasn't in my plans for today....glad that Lynn, Keith, Doreen, Allen made it around to tell us what the other side looked like!!!!  

We make our way back towards South Dakota, and traveled through Hulett, Wyoming.  

Before you know it we are in the township of Spearfish, SD.
Time to eat and cool down, Chuck pulls into a Burger King to eat some lunch.

Chris and Diana are having issues with the tires on their trailer, so they call the local Walmart to see if they have any of their size in stock.
What is a day without a trip to Walmart?  

We girls haven't seen one in days!!!!
Everyone scatters to their particular department, and we meet up at the main door a little later with our packages!!!!
They have the tires for Chris and Diana's trailer so they will bring it back tomorrow to get them put on.

As we leave the Walmart, we ride Spearfish Canyon back towards Deadwood.

What a wonderful ride it was....the heat we experienced earlier is replaced with a nice cool breeze.

As we come to the end of the canyon, we are at the crossroads of the Cheyenne Crossing Restaurant.
For us to have no idea where this place was at earlier today, now it is so easy to find.  

Back at the room we decide to order pizza and have it delivered. Or so we thought.
No one delivers in Deadwood come to find out.  No One!!!!!
Plan "B" was put into action and Diana placed the order to Papa Johns for 6 pizzas. 

Since our regular area to sit was taken this evening, we made a new sitting area.

Doug even started the golfcart and moved it around so we would have a table to put our pizzas on.
Amazing what a knife blade will do....  :)

Larry went on his bike and picked them up. He didn't even drop one!!!
What a guy !!!

I ask everyone to think about what part of the trip was their favorite as I always do at the end if a trip.

The reason I asked tonight was because Carla and Larry will head towards home tomorrow.
As a token for riding to Sturgis, I gave everyone a little green glass frog for "good luck" that I found in Keystone last night.

The answers below are what everyone told me was their favorite part of the trip: 

Twana says Mt. Rushmore
Doug says Iron Mountain & Needles Highway
Diana says getting to know everyone better
Chris says Spearfish Canyon
Allen says dropping boys off to get to go out of town!
Doreen says Needles Highway and Iron Mountain
Keith says Needles Highway and Iron Mountain
Lynn says Iron Mountain and Spearfish Canyon
Carla says the herd of buffalo crossing the road
Larry says the first time we rode from Sturgis to Deadwood
Chuck says to get to know this great group of people better and Doug's expression on his face when he was asked to go "Camping"....ROFL
My best part is getting to know everyone and all the fun we have had with them.

Day is over, time to sleep....Chris, Chuck, Doug, and Allen are riding to Spearfish tomorrow morning very early to get in line at Walmart to get new tires on Chris's trailer.