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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sturgis or Bust 2014 (Day 7)

Day 7 Wednesday. 

The guys got up early and rode with Chris to Spearfish so they could get the new tires for their trailer.
Lynn, Diana, Keith and Twana went to eat at the buffet at the First Gold building 1.

I think we are finally getting this hotel figured out. 

Carla & Larry had left for home this morning, and Carla text Lynn and said they went by the cemetery we had been told about.
We barely get our food eaten and a text comes in that the guys are done and having breakfast at Cheyenne Crossing...I told you we found it!!!  :) 
The guys make it back to the hotel and we get ready to explore the area a bit.
We ride to the Mt. Moriah Cemetery.  
WOW, the hill to get there and the parking was interesting to say the least.

The entrance looked like a perfect photo op, so I got a kid to take all our pictures.
It was beautiful and oh my, did I mention it was on the side of the mountain. (insert panting here)
I think I would be in a lot better shape if I lived here.....everything is on hill.  
We walked up the road to see Wild Bill and Calamity Jane's final resting spot. 
We make our way back down the hill and go into the little gift shop to get some water.
As we sat out on the picnic bench, an English chap started talking to Doug.
He was talking about the bikes, and Doug told him the blue one right there was his. 
The guy said "wow, what a wicked paint job"....
Well, of course we got a good laugh out of that!!!
I think if Doug hasn't gotten a name for his bike, maybe "Wicked" should be the one.  Just saying!

We ride into Sturgis and ride a canyon for quite awhile. Not wanting to ride to Rapid City we turn around and head towards Hill City.

It's time to eat and we stop at a place called The Country Inn. 
Twana and I got quesadilla that were the size of a large pizza....sure was glad Chuck and I shared this meal.

Back on the bikes for only a minute cause I want to stop at a winery to get my step dad some wine.
They advertise they have Bad Ass Rhubarb Wine, so we better check it out.
We tasted several and all of us came out of the place with at least a bottle :)

We take a road to Rockford and the road turns to gravel for a little over 8 miles.
We were all covered with dust by the end of the road. 

I hadn't laughed so hard thinking about what the ones behind us are thinking. 
When Doug and Keith pull up to us after we "finally" get on concrete again, Doug asked if this was some part of the "Mole" initiating   :))
We all survived!!!!
The trip is now complete because it seems we can always find at least one dirt road per trip.

We get back into Deadwood and stop at the car wash and clean the dust off the bike.
The final stop was back at the hotel and we all were so ready to get in the rooms and take a shower.
We meet in the front of the hotel and catch the trolley to ride it back down the Deadwood to eat at Mustang Sally's.

I have failed to mention that Lynn & Keith are expecting friends from Canada to meet up with us this evening.  
Lynn has a school friend that is "only" 10 hours away in Canada, and are going to drive down to see her.
Wow, that is really impressive!!!

At Mustang Sally's we all have a Habanero Bloody Mary.  
It was really tasty, and the burger I had was very good too.
We finish, and get back on the trolley and make our way back to the hotel.
Lynn's friends have made it into town, so we go back to meet up with them.
We was sitting on the veranda when they show up.
Lots of hugs and laughs from Lynn and Corinne.
It was a lot of fun to hear about their lives in Canada.
We end the night like we have done the last few nights, enjoying tales from new and old friends.
We get a text from Larry and Carla and they have made it safely to Colby Kansas!!!!  
What a great day we have had, eh!