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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mid February Review 2017

What a quick visit back to Oklahoma, and now we are on the road again...heading back to Arizona.
This time we are in two vehicles, since my sweet husband bought a new Jeep Wrangler Sport for me to drive back to the desert!

I haven't driven this far in a very long time.
Yes, I am the passenger most of the time, and these long trips are driven by Chuck.
I always offer to drive, but it seems he always does it.

This time I get to drive the newest addition to our garage.
In true Diane fashion, I have already named her. 
Her name is Lil Bit....and she is so stinkin cute.
I am in love with the new wheels. 
Thanks to my sweet husband for the wonderful Valentines surprise.

Along the way you see some interesting things sometime, and I had to grab my camera and get a pic of Big Bertha passing the RAM Semi.
Thought it was kinda cool. 

One thing is for sure.
When you drive a vehicle, you see different things than when you are the passenger.
I think I paid so much more attention to everything.
Lil Bit did great and she accepted the 1000 miles she got to travel without a hiccup.
I think this little vehicle is going to be my favorite!!!!
There are a few places we need to explore with her, and I am sure we will kick up some dust and do just that.

It didn't take long to get back to Arizona and back to the warmer weather.
I have to say, this season sure is different from last year, as we have had a lot more rain and even cooler temps.
There have been days that is was warmer in Oklahoma.
Win some lose some, but it has been bearable to say the least. 

The last week of February we took Lil Bit out for a few rides.
Got to drive on some Jeep trails and climb on a couple of boulders.
It has been nice to have an alternate vehicle to drive. 
Big Bertha is just that, and sometimes it just isn't very much fun riding on a dirt road in a dually.

We met our friends Lesa and Larry for dinner and drinks at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
They gave us tickets to go to the local Renaissance Fair.
Looks like we are going to have a fun time with that!

Cindy and Terry came to visit us.
Terry brought some of his beautiful walking sticks and we are going to attempt to sell some at the annual garage sale in the park.
(we sold 2 for him)

We started our Stained Glass class the week of February 27th. 
This will involve 3 days of 2 hour classes for us to make our master pieces. 

It was a lot of fun, but I don't think that Stained Glass making will be something I will want to pursue any further.
Mark that one off the bucket list.

February has been a lot of fun and the weather is beginning to be warmer, so we have been outside most of the evening enjoying our little neighborhood. 
So nice to be with so many fun and friendly people.