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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Renaissance Fair Arizona Style 2017

This month starts out with a trip to the Renaissance Fair, thanks to our friends Larry & Lesa.
Here is the link if you are interested in checking it out Renaissance Fair.

The weather is warm and perfect.
We stand in line and see all the gala that goes on before the gates open. 
The queen and king are speaking to their subjects, and the music is being played by the performers.
There is a man talking to a couple and he seams to have been here before, and we eavesdrop and learn a few things about when and where we should be in certain places.
The gates open at 10am and we make our way through the gates and begin our exploration of this venue.
There are a lot of vendors selling their finery, and one of the booths caught my eye.
We purchased two "magic" wands for the grand kids. 
I think they are going to love them.

If you like to people watch, this is the place to be.
One thing I noticed as we walked in this morning were all the people in the parking lot, in the backs of their car trunks putting on the costumes to blend into the era of the medieval years.

We had lunch and in true medieval fashion I had the stew in a bread basket. 
Chuck was eating a little more healthy and had chicken on a stick.
He said mine was much better than his.....  :)
Check out my medieval plastic fork!

It was a warm day, and guess who didn't bring any sun screen.
I looked into a parasol but by the time we got to that booth, it was about time for us to head back home, so I opted to just tough it out.  LOL

There is supposed to be a joust at noon, and we planned our early lunch pretty good.
We finished and went to find us the perfect spot to watch the joust.
The gentlemen that we had overheard telling another couple earlier was there and since we figured he was an expert, we decide to sit in the area of the arena that he is sitting.
I have to say, we did good!
So good that our Knight that was in our section won the joust.
It was fun to watch, and glad we got to see it.

Did YOU Know: (taken from the Renaissance Fair website)

Why did people hold jousting tournaments? They were often held as celebrations – to mark a victory in battle, or the signing of a peace treaty, or a royal wedding. Sometimes they were held during wars, to keep soldiers busy and to train them.
Did knights ever cheat? All knights were supposed to believe in chivalry – a code of honor, bravery and loyalty. But some knights did cheat by having their armor bolted to their horses. Others used jousting tournaments as a cover for murder!

We check out a few more of the vendors and decide it is time for us to be getting back to the house.
Chuck makes a call to Larry, our friend that got us the tickets and we met up with him for a minute to say "thank you" for making this possible.
It is impressive how they can get that many people into an area and keep the traffic moving so well.
Larry and Lesa we really do thank you for thinking of us and getting us the tickets.